Jedi Sentinel Rotations

Jedi Knight Sentinels have many different skills they can choose from for PVE DPS or PVP. How the sentinel chains skills together is very important as it allows them to do maximum DPS.

Sentinel DPS Rotations

Watchman Rotation:

The watchman rotation is priority based, this means you do not use skills blindly, what skills you use depends on what is going on.

Rotation Priority:

Overload Lightsaber - Try to keep this up enough that a 3 stack of this is always on target. This does not mean that you have to cast this 3 times, this DoT is applied to target every time you hit them with a melee attack, this DoT lasts for 6 seconds.

Cauterize - DoT that does damage over 6 seconds, always make sure this is on target. Keep in mind that Pulverize has a 22% chance to finish this DoT early so be prepared to put this back up when this happens or if it times out. This is a big damage DoT you always want to keep up on target.

Merciless Slash - Cast everytime it is avialable, keep this always at a 3 stack as this lowers the cooldown of this to 7.5 seconds.

Inspiration - This is a 15 second buff with a 5 minute cooldown. This skill gives all members of your party a 15% increase in damage and healing for 15 seconds. Keep this skill for the burn phase of a boss fight but if a fight is long enough to cast this twice then do so.

Zen - Use this every time you have a 30 stack of Centering.

Focus Generation - Use Force Leap, Zealous Strike or Strike to generate rage when not doing the above so there is rage enough to cast them. What of these you cast depending on their cooldowns and how you are spec'd. Use Strike when you cannot cast either of the other 2.

Use Slash (when target is below 20% use Dispatch instead) when at 11 focus or at 7 focus if you can use Zealous Strike right after. This is done so you are not wasting focus points.


Sentinel PVP Rotations

coming soon.


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